Cow Comfort Solutions

The Product

Advanced Comfort Technology, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business in Wisconsin, U.S.A. It is the worldwide distributor of DCC Waterbeds (Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds), an alternative to other cow bedding such as sand.

Dean Throndsen, president and CEO of ACT, was the first person to install single-chamber cow waterbeds in North America in 1999. He disrupted the market by introducing a comfortable, longer-lasting rival to foam and crushed rubber mattresses. However, Dean immediately recognized the need for an improved design of the single-chamber bed. In 2003, he introduced DCC Waterbeds Original, which featured a front chamber and larger rear chamber with a baffle and two small channels that connected the chambers. The Original design improved on the single chamber bed’s ability to cushion the knees and float the hocks without the need of foam.

Now, Dean’s daughter, Amy, and her husband Scott, are working to take the family business into the next generation. Their expanded product offerings now include a rubber cover and mattress system.

Our Work Together

Teutizoku is working with ACT on their Latin America market expansion. We are helping them develop and implement a focused path forward to retain and grow existing accounts and acquire new business in the region. Some of the ways we are doing this include:

  • Creating Spanish marketing collateral and other sales tools
  • Helping prepare for the World Dairy Expo
  • Developing and managing strategic relationships in the region
  • Prospecting to increase sales pipeline