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We act as a bridge between you and your suppliers, striving to build and maintain positive, mutually beneficial relationships while ensuring that your supply chain functions efficiently and effectively. We aim to become trusted advisors who understand your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations.

Who You Are

Our Offer

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While we often wear many different hats to ensure your success, most of what we do is encompassed in the following categories:

Supplier Selection
Contract Negotiations & Compliance
Market Analysis
Order Management
Quality Assurance
Cultural & Language Expertise
Continuous Improvement & Training

You can choose services a la carte, but we strive to be more than service providers; our goal is to build long-term partnerships, where your success becomes synonymous with our own, forging a path toward mutual growth and prosperity.


Pricing depends on various factors such as your supply chain management objectives, pricing strategies, cost structure, market demand, competition, and so on. While there is no exact formula, we believe being transparent about pricing builds trust, is important information for you to have in determining if Teutizoku is the right fit, and saves you time.

First, we will inquire if you work with any other supplier liaisons or consultants and if you have an existing pricing model as a guideline. We use a combination of the pricing models below depending on the client and the scope of work.

Sales Commission
Fixed Price
Value-based Pricing