About Us


Katie Jenkins

Meet Katie Jenkins, the vibrant force behind Teutizoku, where she reigns as Founder and Principal. As a Certified Global Business Professional, Katie is the driving force behind our vision to build bridges across continents, enabling businesses to thrive and communities to prosper.

Her wealth of experience spans industries, from growing up immersed in family construction and agricultural businesses to careers in financial services, urban/transportation planning, and government. A fast learner, she swiftly grasps your industry’s nuances and translates them into actionable strategies.

But Katie’s talents don’t stop at her diverse professional background. Her true calling lies in community building, and she combines this passion with her global perspective to be the ultimate driving force for companies. She knows international success goes beyond just numbers; it’s about building lasting relationships.

Katie speaks Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese, and has lived and worked all over the world. She earned an M.S. in Urban & Regional Planning and a Master of International Public Affairs from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also has certificates in mediation and economic development.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, Katie Jenkins is the friendly face you want by your side, ready to turn challenges into opportunities and bring your dreams to life. Join her on a journey that’s as fascinating as it is inspiring!

Our Name

Teutizoku is the combination and inspiration of two words: Teuta and zoku. You can pronounce it TAY-tih-zoh-koo, or just TZ if that suits you better. Teuta of Illyria, also known as Queen of the Sea, made her mark in history by expanding her kingdom’s naval power and refusing to submit to Rome, one of the greatest empires in history. Zoku (族) is a Japanese word meaning ‘tribe/family’. Japanese is Katie’s second language and what got her interested in international business many years ago.

As an international business services provider, we aspire to the strength at sea like Teuta. And as a business that values Respect for People and Teamwork, community, or ‘tribe/family’, is at the center of everything we do. 

Teutizoku. Working with the strength of Teuta, for the love of zoku.