About Us

Our Name

Teutizoku is the combination and inspiration of two words: Teuta and zoku. You can pronounce it TAY-oo-tih-zoh-koo, TAY-tih-zoh-koo, or just TZ if that suits you better. Teuta of Illyria, also known as Queen of the Sea, made her mark in history by expanding her kingdom’s naval power and refusing to submit to Rome, one of the greatest empires in history. Zoku (族) is a Japanese word meaning tribe/family. Japanese is Katie’s second language and what got her interested in international business many years ago.

As a woman-owned business, we aspire to the greatness of female leaders like Teuta who relentlessly worked toward their goals. And as a business that values Respect for People and Teamwork, community, or ‘tribe/family’, is at the center of everything we do. 

Teutizoku. Working with the strength of Teuta, for the love of zoku.


Katie Jenkins

Katie Jenkins is Founder and CEO of Teutizoku LLC. She is a Certified Global Business Professional who coordinates high differentiation and high integration simultaneously for clients. A solution-oriented, critical thinker, Katie faces every challenge as a puzzle and works relentlessly to drive opportunities forward. Katie’s varied work experiences help her speak the language of multiple disciplines and unite groups to function together for profit and purpose. Working for her family construction and farm businesses, she learned to speak the language of industry. A career in urban planning taught her to speak the language of development. As a financial advisor who did cold door-to-door residential and business prospecting, she learned the language of sales and finance. Liaising between constituents, elected officials, and government departments for a city manager’s office taught her the language of politics.

Combining a passion for community building with her varied work experiences makes Katie the ideal project developer and consultant for companies expanding globally. Katie speaks Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish and has lived and worked all over the world. She earned an M.S. in Urban & Regional Planning and a Master of International Public Affairs from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also has certificates in mediation and economic development.