We locate and develop international business opportunities for companies.

Teutizoku LLC specializes in export management, global marketing & sales, and business development.

How We Do It


Understand the entirety of your vision. Ensure all components function together as an effective and efficient whole. Anticipate trends to provide recommendations. Advise on corporate sustainability and social impact.


Identify and vet partners. Evaluate suppliers. Generate and qualify new leads. Arrange meetings with stakeholders. Leverage local affiliates. Mediate collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation.

Strategic Planning

Craft business plans and marketing strategies. Conduct market analysis. Assess opportunities and risks. Track and report on target countries. Facilitate market entry. Map and manage supply chain. Develop local talent for leadership positions.

Our vision is to pioneer and scale a model of mutually beneficial development that advances companies and supports and strengthens local communities to drive economic growth,  establish a vital environment for doing business, better manage risk, and increase profitability over time.


Respect for people.

Motivated by a desire to help others. To serve rather than be served.


"There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves." -President Lyndon Johnson

Continuous improvement.

Commit to modeling leadership. Get out of our comfort zone. Self-improvement over self-promotion.

Let's Talk

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Alexandria, Virginia, US